SWAG Strategy Speaking

Rachel will not be satisfied until she educates, enlightens, and empower her audience. There are certain things you’re probably looking for in a speaker to ensure a winning experience.


Not just an expert, but someone who can also connect with and truly engage your audience.


Knowledge and competence combined with a great sense of humor to make learning (and sometimes a much needed kick in the ______) enjoyable.


A true professional who is easy to work with and keeps the client’s needs first.


The ability to deliver the right balance of credibility and vulnerability.

If you’re looking for that and more, you’re in the right place.

Speaking Topics:


-Market Like It’s 1999

-Brand. Sell. Profit.™

-Are You Cheating On Your Brand?


-Fearlessness and Other Myths

-The Danger of the 2Ds: Self Sabotage Female Style

-Get Busy Building a Business or Get Busy Getting a Job

College/Young Professionals

-Embrace Your SWAG Factor NOW

-My Brand Sucks. Give Me Yours

-Get Busy Breaking Stuff

Speaking inquiries should be directed to info@swagstrategy.com or Lana Johnson at 1-888-817-SWAG (7924), ext. 2