I am the queen of questions. I believe in asking a lot of questions and don’t (typically) apologize for doing so. “Why” you ask? So glad you asked. Because it works. It keeps the first things first. It helps limit distractions and re-focuses my attention where it should be. I’ve found the most powerful questions are the ones we ask ourselves.

We could save ourselves a great deal of time, effort, money, and perhaps therapy by asking and answering key questions. If you have trouble asking others questions, begin with yourself.

A few of the five questions I list below are from my book, Destination Greatness: Powerful Affirmations, Questions, and Insight to Take Your Success to New Heights. They are designed to help you step out of your uncomfortable comfort zone.

Take the time to ask these questions both personally and professionally. I realize the two can overlap. Realize that these are questions that warrant revisiting. It is ok to ask them more than once. In fact, that is encouraged. The more you ask AND answer, the more clarity and empowerment you will have.

  1. Is this really about me? Everything we take personally is not personal. If you don’t already know, let me give you a newsflash: it’s not always about you.
  2. If I had an extra hour in the day, what would I do with it? We all wish we had more time. What would you do with that extra time? What matters most?
  3. What drives me? We’re all driven by something. Whether it’s making money, family, checking off a to-do list, fear, something drives us to do the things (and think the things) we do.
  4. How can I solve this problem? Many of us spend way too much time focusing on problems. We complain, moan, and groan. Of course that’s not solving anything. Focus more on solutions rather than problems.
  5. What would/could I do differently (in a good way)? All of these questions are powerful. This one is no different and one that should be asked constantly…perhaps even on a daily basis. The most successful people are always seeking how they can do things better.