You’ve probably noticed we have less than two more weeks left in March. The same applies to the first quarter of this year. Only you know where you are with your business goals. Are you on track to do what you set out to do this quarter? What about growth, i.e. sales, clients, referrals, income?

There is still time left to move the needle on your goals. That won’t happen, though, by accident. We have to be intentional and actionable. Those are not just buzz words. They’re important keys to your success. Throw in consistency and you have a real winning recipe.

Here are 5 solid actions entrepreneurs, small business owners, brand builders, and other game changers can take to finish March strong (and make some money in the process):

1. Review your goals daily, or at least daily-ish. I cannot say enough about keeping our goals front and center. Hard to do if we never look at them. It’s harder if they’re tucked away in an old notebook or in a dark drawer in a nightstand. Keep your goals handy and review them a LOT. Shark Tank co-host, investor, bestselling author, and branding expert Daymond John says he looks at his goals twice a day – once in the morning and again before going to bed. With a net worth over $250M, a successful clothing line that has intersected fashion, culture, and music, multiple bestselling books, and more, it appears this practice is far from hurting him.

2. Follow up. Yes I’ve said this before and will continue to say it. It’s that important. Make it a priority to follow up with prospects, potential collaboration or referral partners, anyone you know you should be following up with. Ideally, you should be following up with people within 48 hrs. If it’s been much longer, you can still follow up. You may just have to remind them (or yourself) how you guys met. People who have a genuine interest in what you do or offer want to hear from you.

3. Connect with at least 20-25 people this week and next. Sound like a lot? It’s not if you combine attending 1-2 quality networking events with online networking. You could do this just on social media, but I prefer to incorporate both online and offline options. Connecting with more people, week after week, month after month, helps grow your network faster. It provides more opportunities to spread the word about your brand and/or business. You could reach much more than this just with a quality, targeted blog post.

4. Launch and/or promote something. If you have not already launched something this month, it’s time to do so. If you have, promote the hell out of it. Make sure people know about it, and they have to be reminded. Putting something out there, especially if on social media, once or twice is typically not enough. You have to go all in. Don’t just mention features. Make sure you’re addressing the benefits of your product, service, or event. Highlight the desired outcome from your offering that is a good fit for your target audience.

5. Shift your mindset to believe what you’ve been saying/thinking is hard, is easy. Ever hear or read someone say, “making money is easy?” Did you believe them? Do you believe growing your business is easy? Do you believe people are clamoring to talk to and work with you? If your answer to any of these questions is no, a change is warranted. Even if you don’t totally buy into it yet, start declaring and believing in what you’d like to see happen. Making money may be a struggle for you because you keep saying that it is. You keep asking limiting, defeated questions like, “why is this so hard? why me? when are things going to turn around?” Start declaring and believing in what you want to happen. What we focus on grows.


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