By: Parrish Wilson

Branding is a big part of effective marketing and in the online world a consistent and memorable brand can be the difference between success and failure. We don’t want to get lumped in as just another entrepreneur. We want to stand out, be personal and connect.

An authentic brand allows you to do that and attract your ideal clients.

But your brand goes deeper than the colors in your logo and the look of your website. It is how you show up online every day and even though people don’t really talk about branding through your blog it is one of the easiest places to do it because you have so much opportunity for creativity. Just think of all the different things that go into a blog post that you can make sure align with your brand:

  • Images
  • Font
  • Writing voice
  • Specific words used (Do you drop an f-bomb or keep it straight? I’ll keep it straight for today but only cuz I’m guest blogging…)

*Note: Your blog topic is not on that list. I did that on purpose. 

The truth is, pretty much anything you think to blog about has been written before. There’s not much new content coming out these days BUT the way you write, the way you explore the topic, the personal story you add – those pieces make the content yours. Those are the things that make the content perfectly branded to YOU.

OK, sure but that just makes blogging even more work than it already is. Yep.  And there’s a real good reason to put in the work: Your blog is one of your primary marketing tools. It is what will bring people to your site again and again. You need to make sure that when they show up there they are getting a good dose of you. This is where the relationship develops from a simple follower on social media to a real fan. If your reader connects with you through your blog post they are more likely to share your post, sign up for your newsletter or even press that beautiful Buy Now button.

Emotionally connect

A reader that connects with you is a client in the making.” – Parrish Wilson (Tweet that – @parrishwilson)

So how do you make this happen? How do you step away from boring ho-hum blog posts that could have been written by anyone? I got 3 super sweet tips for you to do that:

  1. Only write about topics that you want to write about. You need to bring emotion to the writing process if you expect your reader to have an emotional response to your post. Don’t write about things that bore you no matter how good they are for SEO or social media.
  2. Bring your story into it. Whenever you can, weave your story into your post even if it’s just a couple lines. Sharing something personal is the essence of relationship building. Just keep it appropriate, OK?
  3. Speak yours words out loud as you write. This keeps the tone conversational. It makes your writing sound like you’re just hanging out having a cup of coffee with your reader (Are you getting that feeling from me? Cause I got a nice cup of joe sitting beside me right now.)

parrish-may2014-20 About the Guest Author:

 Parrish Wilson is a Content Strategist for entrepreneurs who want to create heart-felt content and make more money with  integrity. She develops strategic content plans with her clients that support their business goals and get them noticed in the  busy online world. To get more lovable content strategies check out The Fabulous Biz Blogger Success Secrets.