“You need a killer website.”

“You need better business cards.”

“Your logo needs to connect with your audience.”

Have you heard any of this before? Chances are you have if you’re an entrepreneur, an expert of any kind, a coach, a consultant, a speaker, or an author. That’s because this advice is pretty prevalent among the entrepreneurial. On the surface, it sounds good. There is just one problem: It’s misdirected.

While websites, business cards, and logos do matter, they’re not where we should start. You see, these are examples of branding. However, you need to first focus on the BRAND. A-ha! I know you may have thought brand and branding are the same thing. They are not.

I associate brand with the internal and branding with the external. A-ha again! Think about it. I talk about this a bit more in this quick video. Check it out.

After you’ve watched, if you realize you need more help with the distinction between your brand and your branding, clarifying your brand, positioning your brand to attract your ideal people, building a PROFITABLE brand, or all of the above, shoot me an email at info@swagstrategy.com to schedule a complimentary Wealthy Brand Session. [iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/az8b7aFZ7Mk” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]