SWAG Strategy FAQ
Who does Rachel work with?
Rachel primarily works with visionary, action-taking women entrepreneurs, service-based small businesses, and “side-preneurs” (those working a full-time job while juggling a business part-time, looking to eventually transition into entrepreneurship full-time). These entrepreneurs typically have been in business at least a couple years and/or looking to quit their jobs in 9-18 months.

As a speaker, Rachel especially likes working with associations, colleges and universities, and the corporate arena.

Does Rachel work with men?
Yes. While Rachel’s target audience is mostly women, she absolutely works with men, as evidenced by some of the testimonials here.
What makes Rachel and SWAG Strategy Solutions different?
Rachel has a diverse skillset, spanning over 17 years in corporate America, that includes relationship and financial management, sales, and consulting.

More than a single-dimensional coach or consultant, she is able to deliver the right mix of both coaching and consulting, by effectively assessing her clients’ needs.

While she is results-driven, Rachel first seeks to get her clients’ very clear and very strategic, particularly as it relates to their brand and marketing strategy.

There is a lot of talk about brands. There is a lot of talk about marketing. Not nearly as much about how brands and marketing work together. This is where our unique, branded system Brand. Sell. Profit.™ comes in.

Rachel has developed a system that demonstrates the power of a solid brand foundation, which then impacts marketing and sales, and ultimately the bottom line.

Finally, Rachel believes in faith being an important part of business. Her faith has served her well, and she’s unapologetic about that.

What if I’ve been burned by other coaches/experts?
It is understandable that you have concerns, or may even be downright afraid, if you’ve had a bad experience in the past. Unfortunately, this does happen and we don’t discount that. However, past experiences are not at all indicative of future results. We believe in having a success, growth-oriented mindset, that expects only the best. Rachel is not here to make empty promises. She is here to deliver results. She understands the power of very satisfied clients.

Also, a client has to take responsibility for doing his/her part. Before deciding you were “taken” or “burned” you have to make sure you have followed the steps and done the work needed to get different results.

Do you have payment plans?
Yes, certain services offer payment plans.