“I really am leaving this year.” 

“I cannot take it any longer.”

“I know I’m supposed to work for myself.”

“I am not being paid what I’m worth.”

“If I’m going to work this hard, I’d rather do so for myself.”

“I’m tired of having a cap on my income.”

“It’s clear that this company does not appreciate what I have to offer.”

“I’m done with office politics diversity meetings, and being a team player. It’s my time!”

Does any of this sound familiar?

I began thinking/saying a couple of these things a couple years before I left my last corporate job.

I’d already dipped my foot in the lake of entrepreneurship. I explored a few different ventures while holding down the 9-5 (sometimes also known as “dark to dark”). Real estate investing, consulting, freelance writing, speaking, and network marketing could all be included on my resume.

Sometimes the entrepreneurial water was cold. Sometimes hot. Sometimes it brought waves. I convinced myself at one point that I’d prefer to keep the security of my paycheck and benefits while keeping my business part-time, or as some of you know it – a side hustle.

Eventually, that didn’t work for me. I had to dive into business ownership head-on (at times seemingly, with no life preserve). And if you think leaving a 6-figure gig that I once loved, with a major company, where I built some great relationships was easy, you just may be smoking something – other than cigarettes. The truth is what was supposed to be my main gig gradually started to trade places with my side gig (or pursuit of my side gig). My mind and passion were no longer into my job. I knew it was time for me to build a business – full time.

Did I make mistakes? Of course. Was the timing ideal? Nope. Did I have a mountain of cash earmarked for my business? Not exactly (although I did have some savings which makes a big difference). Was I afraid? Abso-freaking-lutely!

Here I am though, two years later. A little bruised but far from broken. Much wiser (knowing at least some of what I don’t know), more tech savvy, more connected, and more certain of what I’m here to do. I’m more confident about the future of my business than ever!

Those mistakes I mentioned making can be your gain. You see there’s kind of an art and science to successfully transitioning from full-time corporate to full-time entrepreneur. There are things you can do to save yourself months (perhaps years) as well as a great deal of money. If you’re juggling a businesspart-time along with your full-time job in corporate America, or perhapstrying to figure out where to start with building a business, I have an awesome resource for you.

I invite you to grab a mini-training video I made on moving your side gig front and center. Successfully transitioning from part-time entrepreneurship to full-time requires the right strategy. More than that, it requires some moxie (or confidence if you will) which comes from knowing what you need to know, what matters most, and what’s next in your business.

One tip I’ll offer now: begin building a following sooner rather than later. Get your name and brand out there online and off (although online strategies like social media can catapult this like crazy). Having an engaged audience will help you say goodbye to corporate America faster than Donald Trump can pay himself a compliment!