As someone who is a big fan of LinkedIn,  and who trains, consults, and writes about it, I do understand not everyone shares my love for “the Link.” I tend to hear from a number of entrepreneurs, and other business leaders that LinkedIn is just not “fun” or “sexy.” It doesn’t make them feel all warm and fuzzy, or sparkly inside like Facebook and Instagram.

Ok. I get it.

Of course I find:

  • generating quality leads – for FREE
  • growing my online audience by at least 60% over the last year
  • positioning myself as an expert
  • attracting speaking gigs, including PAID
  • increasing SEO
  • connecting with and getting requests to collaborate from key influencers in my target audience
  • and getting new clients…

to be pretty fun and sexy too. I’ve done all the above with LinkedIn.

Nevertheless, I get that it’s a different platform from Instagram. For you Instagram fans who really want to get more out of LinkedIn, I have a solution. Check out the video. You may just come to see LinkedIn as the fun, lively, incredibly sexy social media platform it’s meant to be!


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