If you’re a relatively savvy investor, you know that we’re in earnings season. As in the time when publicly traded companies report their quarterly earnings.

It’s kind of important.

Almost like a performance review (although most people mercifully don’t have their performance reviewed each quarter). A lot of data, mostly hard numbers in a business, is evaluated and reported.

For Q3, LinkedIn performed like a champ! As a result of delivering .78 EPS (earnings per share) vs. the projected .45 EPS, LinkedIn’s stock soared today. The last I checked (a couple hours ago), it was up 12%. Now that’s how you bring in the weekend!

Other key data reported includes: revenue is up 37% year over year, solid execution by management, number of users is nearing 400 million, increased functionality, and an “outperform” rating from top analysts (these analysts believe there is still plenty of upside in LinkedIn’s stock).

In other words, LinkedIn is an excellent example of what I talk about a lot: a PROFITABLE brand. Here’s a brand that translates into dollars and cents (albeit a lot more dollars than cents).

This is the kind of brand you and I want to create. One that resonates super well with its target audience, is a leader in its space (LI has little, if any competition), is well respected, and adds to its bottom line. And it’s positioned for long-term growth.

The fastest growing segment of users on LinkedIn is recent college grads. That means mostly 20-somethings who have 40-50 year careers ahead of them. You think they’ll stop using LI anytime soon? You think the 40,000 or so employers on LinkedIn looking for and recruiting that younger group will leave the platform anytime soon? Go ahead…I’ll wait.

Please know that I’m not an affiliate of LinkedIn, or trying to get you to invest in their stock (although it may be one to consider based on your individual situation). I AM someone who thinks LinkedIn as a product is awesome. I’m someone who has leveraged LI a great deal over the last few years, especially over the last couple years being a full-time entrepreneur. I’ve generated leads, gotten a paid speaking gig, and sold a product on LI.

I’ve seen it grow, not just by the number of users, but in how it’s used. The publishing feature is sheer gold. The added features for both the free and Premium options are powerful. I can attest to the fact that LinkedIn has improved my SEO. If you Google “brand strategist Houston (or “in Houston”)” I come up on the 1st page via a result for the Top 25 Brand Strategists in Houston from LinkedIn. I’m actually in the top 5. Can you say BOOYAH?!

Not only should you maximize the heck out of LinkedIn – something too many users are not doing – you should look to it as a model for your brand.  If you want to explore further how to get super clear and super strategic about your brand, translate that into your bottom line, and/or build wealth from a brand perspective, stay connected with me.

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