Price Like a BossToo many entrepreneurs,especially solopreneurs, undercharge for their products and services. This must stop, and I want to be instrumental in that happening.

We cannot just pull a price out of the rainbow (which is worse than even pulling it from the sky…at least the sky is always there). There are key considerations that should go into pricing our offerings. Truly savvy business owners, experts, and game changers base their prices on this kind of careful consideration.

Perhaps the most important consideration, yet one surprisingly not always taken into account, is the cost incurred to make the product. Sounds obvious huh? Not always. If it costs $25 to make your product or deliver your service, you shouldn’t be charging $22.99.

Tune in to hear more about pricing your offerings more effectively. Pricing definitely impacts your brand. This is another way to increase your brand’s ROI. First, though, you have to get clear, and you have to get strategic. If you need help with that, email us at