Release Your Sasha FierceI’m guilty. I cannot deny it.

I’m a Beyonce fan. Not necessarily as in a member of the infamous “Beyhive.” A fan like, I have all her music, going back to the days of Destiny’s Child. I respect her hustle and her brand consistency. I’m a fan of her being as great of a marketer as she is an entertainer.

I’m a fan of a woman from my adopted home of Houston who “reps” her hometown in her music and clothing. I’m a fan of a black woman who, despite, the recent controversy surrounding her Super Bowl performance and video for her new song “Formation” (which seems to be a bit manufactured), has never played the race card – for good or bad.

Arguably, her accumulating a net worth of hundreds of millions of dollars has not been hurt or helped by her race. It was done the old fashioned way: through hard work and a mega-popular girls group.

Something I find especially intriguing about Queen Bey is her admission of having an alter ego. She calls on this alter ego, Sasha Fierce, during performances to increase her confidence and do things Beyonce wouldn’t necessarily do. As a result, she manages to really connect with her audience.

Like her or not, it’s hard to deny that Beyonce knows how to connect with her audience beyond a superficial level. She knows how to create an experience they crave and cannot get enough of. During and perhaps after that experience, Bey’s fans believe they are truly better off for having the experience.

According to Beyonce, a significant part of that is attributed to Sasha Fierce.

Some of us could use Sasha Fierce on LinkedIn, because I can assure you there is a lack of connection here. Too many people here are still too buttoned up, concerned about being polished and appearing to have it all together to offer their target audience a memorable experience. Here are a few tips to release your inner Sasha Fierce here on LinkedIn:

1. Professional profile pictures are good, but use one where you look genuinely happy. Try looking like you actually enjoy what you do, or looking forward to doing what you say you want to do in your profile (for the recent college grads and job seekers out there).

2. Get creative in your summary. LinkedIn has SO evolved over time. It’s no longer
meant to just be an extension of your resume. That means stop sounding like a resume. Stop speaking in 3rd person. Tell a story in your summary, i.e. case studies, stories about clients you’ve helped, how you’ve made a difference in your job or business. Include a favorite quote. Be memorable! Of course if you’ve skipped the summary altogether, your Sasha Fierce is nowhere close.

3. When you invite people to connect, please oh please don’t use the default invite script LinkedIn provides. I would say get creative here too, but it doesn’t necessarily require creativity. It’s simply a matter of being more engaging, more personable, more…human. Ask your desired contact about their week, did they see the Super Bowl, how do they like living in Seattle or Toronto. Yes, to know those things, you need to take a little time to check out that person’s profile. Do a little research. It can go a long way. Work on creating that special experience from the very beginning.

I’ll be sharing more great tips like this and specific strategies to drive engagement, generate leads, and position yourself as the Beyonce/Sasha Fierce of your target audience in my upcoming LinkedIn REMIX Virtual Intensive on Apr. 1-2. LinkedIn REMIX is my way of helping my clients shake up, or remix their presence on LI. The Intensive is designed to teach service-based entrepreneurs and thought leaders all they need to maximize LinkedIn. It’s Sasha Fierce awesome in a few hours vs. a few weeks or months it takes in some online courses.

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