You have one of the best sales teams around. Or perhaps you have that one superstar salesperson who closes sales faster than the Yankees recently turned around their losing streak to the Astros (being in Houston I’m not thrilled about this but it is what it is). You never worry about reaching your sales goals, because you have highly skilled people around you generating a ton of quality leads. Then your sales ninjas close a good amount of those leads with ease.

Life is good.

Wake up! You were daydreaming again. 

As wonderful as that sounds, it ain’t your reality now. Your reality is it’s just you, you, and you. Until you can hire the top salesperson or team, you need to embrace selling.

Decide that selling is a critical part of your business vs. sleazy, too hard, and something that will magically improve on its own. Sales need to be a top priority vs. an afterthought.

And it’s not always synonymous with service. I’ve heard that several times you know. How selling is serving since you have something valuable to offer that will benefit the prospect or client. Hmmm. Usually, that’s coming from women who want to make selling all warm and fuzzy and comfortable. These “experts” are doing you a disservice. I hate to break it to you. Ok, actually I don’t hate it.

Sales are not always freaking comfortable! Yeah I said it.

Anymore than running a marathon, asking strangers to buy your stuff, parenting, public speaking, or making any number of tough decisions is comfortable. However, all those things are typically worth it. That’s the little part we tend to forget. Do you really want to miss the chance to call yourself (and live up to) a badass?

Of course, there are ways to make mastering sales easier such as working with a business coach (make sure he/she has some expertise and RESULTS in sales), doing mindset work, building a solid foundation with a solid brand, and effectively positioning your product or service.

Another proven way to step up your sales game is to master common objections, especially the all too common “I cannot afford it.” As a business owner, direct sales professional, expert, and/or service provider, you may have heard that objection once or 10 times before. Learn how to handle (and overcome) this objection like a rock star! Grab your FREE audio training, 5 Boss Ways to Handle I Cannot Afford It. Click here to get it.

Newsflash: to close that major deal, that high ticket item, that dream client…You’re going to have to sell. Or settle for daydreaming and leaving a lot of money on the table. And on the desk. And on the nightstand. And on the counter. And on your prospect’s credit card.