Guest post by: Sarah Aderson

If you truly want to create a high-end brand, attract affluent clients, and be profitable, then you have to break away from the pack.  It’s so crowded in the middle.  Many entrepreneurs are hopping on the latest trend because the so-called experts told them that they’ll make money if they do.  It’s entirely possible that they will make some money, but it will require a ton of effort in a saturated market.  Simon Says was a great game when we were kids, but it’s not going to help you build an international brand.  There’s plenty of room at the top.  Your seat has been reserved, but you’re going to have to stop blindly following the leader.

My track coach used to always tell us, “It’s easy to get to the number 1 spot, but it’s hard to stay there.”  We were winning meets and getting a little full of ourselves.  His words reminded us to stay hungry because there were people behind us salivating over our spot.  Your competition may appear to be on top, but most of them have gotten complacent with their success.  They are still doing what they did 7 years ago without making any improvements.  Meanwhile technology is flipping every area of our lives upside down.  And this, my friend, is where your golden opportunity lies.

Your competitors are full and content with the status quo because their bank balance is stable.  They’re not looking to innovate or take calculated risks.  But you are.  You’re willing to experiment and at least stick your toe in the water.  Maybe your bank balance is stable as well, but you have a burning desire to get to the next level.  Information products will allow you to do just that.  Creating your very own line of information products will catapult your brand ahead of your competition.

The term information product sounds more complex than it actually is.  An info product is simply your wisdom packaged into digital form.  It’s typically a white page report, downloadable PDF, audio or video.  You don’t need expensive equipment or software.  All of these can actually be created on your smartphone.

While your competitor’s profits are limited by the minute-hand on the clock, you’ll be able to receive payments 24/7 for work that has already been completed.  Now, instead of testing and tweaking Facebook ads you can take full advantage of the marketing power of Amazon or Etsy when you publish on their sites.  The key to growing your brand (and bank balance) is to get in front of the right people at the right time.  To do that, you must be where the people are.  According to, over 200 Million people visit Amazon monthly.  Monthly!  Imagine if just 1% of those visitors represented your target market.  Now imagine that your info product was the answer to their problem.  How would those sales change your life?

That profound change is possible for you and your family, but you need your very own info products.  One won’t do.  You need a product line that can get your clients from point A to point B.  Working one-on-one with clients may get you where you want to be, however it will be at a much slower pace and your energy will be drained.  Info products are the fastest way to grow your brand internationally and squash your competition.

Leave a comment below and let me know which type of info product you’re going to create first.  I can’t wait to come back and read it.

About the Author

Sarah Aderson is the authority that spiritual and visionary entrepreneurs depend on to help them transform their services into digital and physical products.  Like Sarah, these changemakers understand that products allow them to expand their movements, build generational wealth, and positively impact the world in a huge way. She empowers you to charge what you’re worth.