Those of you who follow me and/or know my work, know I’m big on questions. I’m really big on asking the right questions, which can be quite powerful.

You’re probably aware of the Queen of Soul, the Queen of the Night, the Queen of Sales Conversion. I’m the Queen of Super Effective Questions. Ok, it’s self-appointed but that’s not important.

While I absolutely believe in personal and professional development, whether via books, workshops, conferences or the like, sometimes we just need to turn off the noisy world around us and ask the right questions. Don’t stop there though.

This may blow your mind, but it’s really a good thing to also answer those questions. Success hack or hacking along with life hacks have become somewhat buzz words over the last few years. Yes, I know. You’re over buzz words, right?

Or you may not completely get it. You may be thinking a “hack” in terms of success or growth is not a real thing. You’d be wrong (check the dictionary). While this particular definition is not necessarily widely known outside the business/tech/leadership space, it’s very real.

Just as questions are very real. Asking (and answering) the following questions may be all the hacking you need.

  1. What do I want right now (not if everything was perfect, not if you were more prepared, more credentialed, better connected, younger, older…right now)?
  2. What is settling for less really costing me?
  3. When will I realize my comfort zone is not my friend?
  4. What do I want my target market/audience to think about when they think about my brand?
  5. What do I need to do to ensure I operate in my zone of genius 80% of the time?
  6. If I die tomorrow, which will I regret more – flawed action or inaction?
  7. What’s really the worst that can happen (answer this in detail in writing; the answer could set you free)?
  8. How much time am I willing to give before I become resentful?
  9. Do I want a brand based on thought leadership, lifestyle, or a combination of the two?
  10. Why am I concerned about impressing people who are worse off than me?
  11. Does being authentic require me to bear my soul?
  12. Do I embrace authenticity or resist it? If it’s the latter, why is that?
  13. Is it really about me?
  14. What can I do or say to resonate with my tribe in a major way?
  15. How will it feel if I’m in the exact same place I’m in today, a year from now?
  16. How will it feel if I crush my goals this time next year?
  17. What’s it going to take – really – to achieve my goals?
  18. Would I hire/date/buy from/like/trust me? Really?

Of course I could go on, but I think that’s enough to chew on for now. It’s understandable if you cannot answer all these questions in one sitting. Some will surely require some thought, if not some serious reflection. That’s ok. Give them the thought and reflection they need. I invite you to share any a-ha moments, thoughts, etc in the comments.


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