If you really want your brand to succeed in today’s world, it’s in your best interest to have a solid marketing strategy based with a strong brand and clear messaging. However today it’s also crucial to take advantage of the the power of imagery to complement your brand and marketing campaigns.

Any great marketing campaign maximizes their visual impact on their audience. But why is this? Well, people remember much more of what they see than what they hear or read. Therefore, it is crucial that businesses use different forms of visual media (such as images, videos, infographics, presentations, rich media, etc.) to their advantage.

The fact that people remember images more readily is a testament to why Pinterest and Instagram (which are image-based sites) are so popular and the fastest growing social media networks today.

YouTube is also incredibly powerful nowadays with its video content and it is very easy to create beautiful, funny, creative or interesting videos of your product or service and to upload them to your YouTube account. What’s great about YouTube is that you can amplify the reach of your YouTube videos by sharing on to your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts, so you could have four times the impact on your fans with just one video! It couldn’t be easier.

The quality of the logo and image representing your brand will tell a thousand words, literally within seconds of someone looking at the image. Being very careful about how the image depicts your brand is so important to get right. If, for example, you are a low cost grocery store, you may want to keep your imagery clean and simple to complement your frugal image. However, if you have a luxury brand, you would make use of high-resolution and very well-executed images.

When it comes to visuals, it is crucial to place them strategically across all your brand’s platforms. Only the most impactful visuals should be used on your company website and blog as this is the platform that represents your company the most. Avoid cluttering your website with too many images, videos and infographics as this will only confuse visitors to the site.

Making use of the same brand profile image across all social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Vine, etc) will create uniformity of your image and show professionalism. You should also use the same style and tone of writing on all social platforms where possible to keep the uniformity as this will create trust in your brand. Creating branding guidelines that include both imagery and copy is key if you are working with a team.

Speaking of teams, is there a holiday coming up (Fourth of July, Christmas?). Take advantage and dress up in company-branded sweatshirts and wave flags or wear santa hats. Then take some good photographs and video of you all having fun and post them up on your social media platforms. Customers love to see who is behind their product or service, and it will deepen your connection with them.

Marketing is constantly evolving and the trend is now shifting towards a visual focus – you would be crazy not to take advantage!


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