By Darnyelle A Jervey, MBA


The truth is there are tons of businesses you can start if you’re feeling bit by the

entrepreneurial bug. From franchises to networking marketing, the sky is literally the

limit. And there’s no “right or wrong” answer. The truth is, it depends on several things,

most importantly, it depends on you.


I have to be honest, this is a timeless debate and the decision to start any business really

has to be determined by your ability to take consistent action. This is because

regardless of the type you start, the activities you’ll need to master to grow it, are

exactly the same.


You’ll need to clearly determine which awareness generating activities you’ll choose to

get found by your clients as well as which revenue generating activities you’ll choose to

get paid by your business.


Having had a direct sales business before starting my own “ground up” business, I can

definitely share my two cents on Shonda’s question:


“Hi Darnyelle Over the last year or so, I have really begun to think that I could be an

entrepreneur. And I have started doing research to see if I can learn what would be the

best way to go for me. I’ve thought about starting my own “ground up” business and

also just joining a direct selling or network marketing business. I value your opinion and

business building expertise and I know that you’ve had a Mary Kay Cosmetics business

that was successful and your company has grown to 7 figures. So, what do you

recommend? Starting your own or working a business model that works?


Check out my response to Shonda’s question in this week’s episode of Incredible Factor



It’s no secret that I started my entrepreneurial journey through Mary Kay Cosmetics and

by following their business plan and doing the work, I met success – 5 career cars, two

of which were the Pink Cadillac, Independent Executive Sales Director (that means I

helped five other women start their own Mary Kay units.) And I enjoyed countless

awards, prizes, diamonds, etc. during my tenure. But, it wasn’t enough for me – being

paid a percentage of the sales my unit and I made and team members I recruited for the

company. I came to realize that if I’m going to work that hard, it should be completely

for me and my brand. So I sent my Pink Cadillac back and started on the journey I’m

enjoying today.


But that’s my story. You may be the type of entrepreneur for whom being handed a

business plan and model that you just need to action is ideal. And if that’s you, good for

you. Like I said, there’s no wrong answer. You just need to get clear about the vision

you have for your life and what vehicles you’d like to leverage to make it happen.


In case you’re unclear about the options available to you in starting a business, let me

share a few definitions:


Direct sales – if you choose a direct sales company with which to start your own

business, you’ve decided that you want to sell a product directly to a consumer and earn

a percentage of the sales you make. Most direct sales companies also offer you the

option to build a team and earn recruiter commissions. In most cases, the amount you

earn increases with the number of team members you add to your team.


Networking Marketing – also known as MLM – multi-level marketing companies are

similar to a direct sales company but your primary focus is building a team, you’ll earn a

small amount (typically) for the products or services you have available to customers

but you’ll earn a lot more when you commit to building a strong team with multiple



Franchise – a franchise gives you access to a proven business model and brand for a

specified amount if time to operate it as your own independent business. This is an

alternative to opening your own “chain of stores.” And it’s a successful business model

that many enjoy. Typically, you’ll pay a large fee up front, which gives you marketing

assistance and brand recognition and consulting support in some capacity from the

franchiser. And you’ll have the opportunity to renew your franchise based on your



And of course, starting your own “ground up” business will be designed by who you are,

the problem you solve and who you solve that problem for.


There are pros and cons to each, so you’ll have to decide which will work best for you.


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