God knows it. Everyone else knows it. I know. You may be as surprised as I was when I found out.

Now I know perfection is not required for success. It’s not required to have an awesome, unforgettable brand. It’s not required to increase your cash flow.

You don’t need perfection for any of that. You need to be effective. That’s what Rachel Wilson Thibodeaux and SWAG Strategy is all about.

We no longer chase perfection around here. We chase possibilities and action.

Any of this sound familiar?

You’re a go-getter, visionary woman entrepreneur, a service-based small business owner, or an enterprising side-hustler.

You’re willing to work hard, but not certain if you’re working on the right things. You’re usually busy but are not making more money or getting the clients you would like to get.

Numbers aren’t everything, but hey they also don’t lie!

Number of Businesses & Business Owners Worked With

Total Number of Social Media Followers

Presentations & Other Speaking Engagements

Business Awards

Or maybe you have some dream clients but want more. You want to scale your business. You want to be more visible. You’re ready for your Beyonce, Oprah, Gary V, or Kardashian moment (hey don’t hate…too much). Or someone else with raving fans, makes a ridiculous amount of money and probably has a special person to massage their heads counter-clockwise. A good head massage never hurt anybody!

That used to be me.

Back in the summer of 2013, I didn’t hate my job, but love definitely didn’t live there anymore. I knew I was meant for more. I knew corporate America was no longer enough for my SWAG Factor, i.e. my unique brilliance that demanded more from me and had a lot more to offer the world.

Was I really ready to leave my six-figure, great benefits-having, expense account-having, ability-to-work-from-home-occasionally job? Yes and no.

Yes, I was ready to no longer have a cap on my income, to not be passed over for deserved promotions, to not deal with leadership no longer supportive of me.

No, I didn’t have all my ducts in a row. I didn’t gradually and strategically transition into full-time entrepreneurship. I kind of jumped off the entrepreneurial cliff. And I have the bumps and bruises to show for it.

I can help you avoid your own bumps and bruises. How? Glad you asked.

I’m a business and brand strategist who has proven results. I focus first on getting my clients clarity. I get them clear on what their brand is really about, the value it offers, and how it impacts their bottom line.

Through my signature Brand. Sell. Profit.™ system, I work with you to SLAY your brand, sell like a champ, and profit like a BOSS. No one else is addressing the connection (and subsequent results) between a solid brand, effective marketing, and income.

Having spent over 17 years in corporate America, working in sales, consulting, relationship and asset management, as well as working with hundreds of organizations – both businesses and non-profit – I know a little something about “the 3 Bs:” business, brands, and the bottom line.

I am just as adept in hearing what is not said as hearing what’s said.

While I’m certainly likable (actually I’m pretty freaking cool), I’m not as concerned about you liking me as I am about getting you results. Speaking of results…


Her program gave me great advice, ideas, action steps, and helped me be accountable. I realized if I could’ve done it on my own, I would’ve already done so. I highly recommend Rachel’s LinkedIn Transformation!

Monty Ortiz

Managing Partner, Brand-Aid Consulting, LLC, www.brand-aid.consulting

Because I’m such a giving person, I have a few FREE ways of helping you

(that are really invaluable…just saying).

Of course at some point, you’ll need to put some teeth in the game to take your business and brand to another level, but these resources will position you for rock star status.

My private Brand. Sell. Profit. Facebook group. Join other entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and game changers in a fast-growing online community supporting each other and doing some awesome things. I share tips, tricks, and hacks you don’t want to miss. Plus I live stream from there frequently.

Get your Brand. Sell. Profit. 3-part video series. What can I say? You’ll wonder what was going on with your brand and bottom line before this series.

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Some interesting Rachel facts:

I love God, my husband, family, a good book, high heels (but not too high), traveling, and chocolate. Occasionally, chocolate takes priority. Don’t judge me.

I played trumpet for three years between junior high and high school. When I went off to college, my mother told me she sold the case. I later found out the trumpet was inside the case.

Originally from Ft. Worth, TX, I’m a proud Dallas Cowboys fan. I just cannot believe everyone doesn’t love the Cowboys. They ARE America’s team.

Our Shih Tzu, Olivia Pope Thibodeaux, like her namesake, works really hard…at getting in trouble. She never met a pair of shoes she didn’t like or an arm she didn’t like to hump (yes she’s spayed). It’s hard to stay mad at her when – as one of our friends has said – “she’s just so freaking cute.”

I am known to give serious side-eye to questionable people, questionable words, questionable food (although I am very much a foodie…nevertheless I have a few food issues…see next bullet) and definitely questionable actions. Yes, there is some side-eye going on almost daily.

I was not a fan of scrambled eggs as a kid (and still not). After my mother insisted I eat them one morning before I could leave the table, I got the brilliant idea to hide them in my underwear. I almost got away with it, until eggs started falling out when I walked a few steps. I didn’t get in trouble though, because my parents were too busy laughing. An indicator even then, that perfection isn’t needed, especially when you’re creative. Haha!