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You would be a lot further along and making a lot more money if you only had more time to figure things out.

Or get better at marketing. Or if you had not been burned by that other coach/consultant/specialist/”expert” who did not deliver the results you wanted.

You dream of building a killer brand that your ideal audience cannot stop talking about and generates non-stop sales. Except, honestly, you’re not that savvy about brands. You may not even be sure what your brand is about.

Or maybe you know exactly what it’s about, but cannot for the life of you, clearly and effectively communicate your brand’s (or product, service, business) value to the marketplace.

It’s especially hard when you offer different things and you want to bring it all together under one brand. Can that even work?

You know it’s past time to take things to another level. And not just “another level” or “next level” in some cliche, obscure way. You know what that level looks like. Perhaps that is multiple six figures or beyond, with a PROFIT of 6+ figures, more systems, more sales and more significance.

What about wonderful vacations – some that require a passport, being able to eat at fine restaurants when you want, cover your kids’ college education with no problem, pay off that debt, build your savings back up, donate to your alma mater, church, or favorite charity, having a 6+ figure business that doesn’t require you to work from dark to dark?

What about that kind of life?

It’s possible. It’s reality for a number of people, and it can be your reality. That is, if you have the right kind of help and tools. If you’re willing to work for it. And you’re serious about getting different results.

I know…


You have the vision. You have a lot of great ideas. You’re just not sure what you should be focusing on.

You feel like you’re wasting time, and sometimes feel like you’re running in place. It’s time to move forward.

I specialize in working with those long on vision and ideas, yet short on clarity and strategy.

Like many of us, you may also be short on time. It does only move in one direction you know.

A few other things I know about you:

You’re willing to work hard, but not certain if you’re working on the right things. You’re usually busy but are not making more money or getting the clients you would like to get.

Apparently there is a disconnect…somewhere.


You dream about getting those glowing testimonials you see on others’ websites and having people throw their credit cards at you. “Where can I sign up? What payment plan? I’ll pay in full!” Ahhh, music to your ears.


You’re tired of chasing prospects and trying to convince them you’re worthy of their money.


If you go to another networking event that yields no quality leads, or post something else on social media and get…dare I say it…crickets, you will scream! Or…


You may have to seriously consider dusting off the old resume. Or staying at that job longer, when you want to be the one doing the firing. As in firing your boss!

That’s where I come in.

I’m here to get you more clear, more strategic, and more profitable.

I work with you to get you super clear (as in ‘crystal’) about your brand and how it lays the foundation for more effective sales and marketing. A big part of that is teaching you my own unique Brand. Sell. Profit.™ system.

BSP is designed to help you create a killer brand, sell like a champ, and profit more consistently.

With my diverse skill set including sales, marketing, financial management, and extensive consulting, I can empower you with just the right combination of coaching and consulting on “the 3 Bs:” business, brands, and the bottom line.

Or you can keep struggling. You can keep trying to figure it out. You have plenty of time to do that, right? If not, let’s get to work!

30 Minute Brand 2 Profit Call

This is your chance to schedule some time to discuss your business and brand challenges and how, with my help, you can go “beast mode” on them while leveraging my Brand. Sell. Profit. System. This is like our first date.

Let’s get to know each other to determine if we want to go any further. Whether that happens or not, you are sure to leave with some value/insight you did not have before. Of course if you want more clarity about your brand, want to sell with more confidence (without constantly discounting your prices), and more consistent profits, I’m thinking only hell freezing over will keep you from moving forward. I only have so many of these sessions available each month, so I suggest you jump on it!

SWAG Strategy Brand Breakthrough Experience

It really is ok to need and GET help, especially when it comes to creating a profitable brand. I mean…you can only Google, attend free webinars, and throw stuff at the wall (a lot of which is not sticking) so much. Meanwhile your message is not connecting. The impact you dream about making is eluding you.

Hey I get it! What you need is what I call “coa-sulting” – just the right combination of consulting and coaching designed especially for YOUR needs. Over our four sessions together, or roughly a month and a half, you are sure to gain more clarity and get more strategic about your brand and marketing than you’ve had in a long time (or ever). 

This high-touch experience is designed to break down some things so you/your brand/your business can BREAKTHROUGH! Breakthrough the noise in the market place, especially online. Breakthrough the noise in your head that is not serving you. You know…things like doubt, overthinking, a lack of confidence, or how to translate your confidence into conversion. 

What we’ll work on in this session:

What is at the center of your brand story? This begins with your “why” but goes deeper. It gets into a couple key questions your prospect is asking that you, as a marketer or business owner, need to answer.

Why you need to focus on your BRAND before your branding and what is the difference (this blows some folks’ minds!)

What specific audience – your IDEAL prospects – you should be focusing on to be profitable. Stop targeting the wrong people! It’s ok to niche down. Not only are riches in the niches. More clarity and credibility are in the niches! Isn’t it time to claim yours?

Create killer, crystal clear messaging that resonates with the right people. We’ll work on your USP – unique selling proposition, tagline, and intro. Messaging is my sweet spot! This will also help you to pitch more and with more confidence. 

The 2-3 social media platforms you should focus on the MOST for best results. Social media can be overwhelming. I get it. That’s why it’s so important to not waste time doing the wrong things on the wrong platforms. You don’t have to be everywhere. You need to be where your target audience is. Also, a customized, manageable social media plan will be provided. 

A critical part of brand strategy that is often overlooked by entrepreneurs but can be the difference between struggle and major growth. Want to make your competition irrelevant? Then you need to do this – effectively!

Imagine knowing exactly how to best connect with and convert your dream clients. Your brand resonates with them. Not only do you understand them. They feel understood BY YOU. They’re willing to pay your fees because they understand the SWAGtastic value you offer. Your brand should work as hard as you do, even when you’re not around. Don’t you want prospects seeking you out, rather than you constantly seeking them out? That’s what awaits you with the SS Breakthrough Experience. Let’s go!

What you get:

Four 60 minute virtual sessions (in-person available for clients in the Houston area)

Pre-session assessment

Recording(s) of the session(s

Email support for two weeks after our last session

Content with SWAG Bundle – 30 Days

From Facebook to Twitter, YouTube to Periscope, Instagram to LinkedIn, there is almost no escaping social media. I recently heard Eddie Murphy say in an interview that he’s not on social media at all. He’s among a small group.

Of course keep in mind that he’s Eddie Murphy. He’s already crazy famous, has raving fans, and essentially an icon in comedy. He can afford not to be on social media.

That’s not the case for most of us, especially entrepreneurs and brand builders looking to grow our audience, position ourselves as experts, and sell our offerings.

Even if you’re not a fan of social media (I know some people who are not), until you have a solid following and become a key influencer, you need to know how to maximize social media. Everyone does not have this gift.

If you:

-sit staring at your computer wondering what you should post

-get little or no engagement from your posts

-get a lot of likes but fail to generate conversation, leads, or sales

-don’t really understand the culture of the various social media platforms

-want to be more consistent in sharing quality content

-know the power in sharing content that opens minds AND wallets

-are looking to save time by outsourcing certain things in your business

Then the Content with SWAG Social Media Bundle is for you!

What you’ll get:

Relevant, engaging, customized content designed to engage your most desired clients and inspire them to take action.

Enough content to last for 30 days and beyond (I’ll show you how to repurpose content)

Get part of your life back from constantly trying to come up with fresh, engaging social media content. How would it feel to not have to create content for a whole month and know it’s having an impact? Or longer than a month since content can easily be repurposed.

Conversion-inducing content that can be shared on multiple social media platforms, as well as email and beyond.

Content package to include text, graphics, and video.

Investment: Starting at $700.

To find out more, email or schedule a complimentary Digital Marketing Upgrade Call at

Please be patient while we’re updating. For more information on the VIP Intensive,


Thanks for your expert advice on LinkedIn. It made a HUGE difference. The business is growing!

Ange Koko

Sustainability Entrepreneur and Team Builder,